Ultimate Waterprobe Solutions

The viable way to fish production based on real-time data.


“The EU’s priority should be to have well-educated citizens, world-class science education and also the internal and independent production of foodstuffs.”

Florian Vamosi, Why Europe Matters - 2018


The Problem

If overfishing continues, more species will be driven to extinction and aquatic ecosystems will collapse. Aquaculture can take the important and dominant place of open water fishing in our current food supply chain only with adequate measures to increase their efficiency. Currently the inland aquaculture industry is poorly equipped and uses old technology. The production is rarely data-driven, and fisheries more likely rely on tradition than measurements regarding the control of water quality, feeding and maintenance.

Our Solution

Ultimate Waterprobe is an integrated hardware and software solution to help transform inland aquaculture production into a more efficient way of satisfying the growing demand for quality fish. Our solution provides a way to measure the parameters of water quality, record any human interaction and automated process and uses it to give accurate advice to the producers.